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Tony's Comment Corner

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"Summer" Rules - now apply!!!





In ALL qualifying Competitions -



If anyone has recently changed their E:mail address - could you forward me the new one, so that I can up-date my records.

If you use the E:mail facility on this website on the "CONTACT" page; it will be easier and safe and annonymous from other parties.

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"The next Awayday"  - 2019

at "???" 


If you would like to play; then contact me so that I can add your name to the list .

The are normally number of spaces left!!!


E:mail or phone me.




I sincerely hope that you all find this site useful and informative. Any further ideas for addition to the site will be welcomed.  Feel free to contact me with your thoughts / ideas and or news.

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"Winter Rules" apply !!!

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Today 15th Oct., I together with ClubV1, performed some necessary up-dates on the clubhouse touchscreen. I beleive that it is all working properly now, allowing us to enter the competitions and scores correctly ( Don't hold your breath!!!).

Please note when entering into competitions, ONLY touch the relavent competition box that you are entering and not supplementary box as well. If you enter both at the same time, you effectively freeze the screen. I know who has tried to enter both, because I have that information at my diposal.

The committee will dish out severe beatings to those who try to enter both at the same time!!!

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