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2018 Next Awayday Event. -  Rivenhall Oaks 

 Opener for the Season!!!

*** Tuesday 1st. May !!! ***

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It is with great sadness that I have to report that "David Hemmings" passed away a few days ago.

He had been receiving medical treatment for  an anurism problem for some considerable time and received a special piece of vital medical equipment from Australia during 2017.

David had only been a member for about two seasons and started his first ever game with Matt and myself, one Monday afternoon. From that day forth he fell in love with Busay Downs and joined as a member in 2016.

He was a very unasuming character on the course, and loved the game as well as the social side of golf. Even when very unwell, he continued coming up to Bunsay; not to play but to see many of the members with whom he had become friends.

His time with us was short, but to him very enjoyable. he is another person that will be missed by those that knew him!!!

Although we did not know his family very well; our hearts go out to them at this very sad time. Rest assured we will be thinking of them!!!

He had been planning on playing a few of the Awaydays this year for the first time, which he had talked to me about and I had said that he would have been most welcome as with everyone else. Sadly this will not happen.

R.I.P. Dave.